Huh, well. I guess this is a first post.

I feel like you should know; I started this on whim. I guess a lot of bloggers pre-meditate an intent for their blog; so it’s focused, organized, you get it. Well I didn’t. I’m sure it will take shape eventually.

I can tell you that I would like to use this as a creative outlet in some way shape or form. My job doesn’t require too much of that, I wish it did.

So, let’s get started!

I’m probably the only kid growing up who could have had a plate of chicken fingers, (or any other picky-eater/toddler-friendly foods), and a hefty scoop of broccoli placed in front of them for dinner and was completely disinterested in the fingers. Give me all the green! My mom swears I loved creamed spinach when I was a baby. I have a hard time believing her since it might be the one way I won’t eat spinach now, but she swears. I grew up loving broccoli, any way it was made: steamed, raw, covered in cheese, and so on. My Nana made it best- sauteed with onions and more butter than necessary. But there was always something comforting that resonated about a good cup of broccoli and cheese soup. Who doesn’t love that? I’m not talking the Panera kind, which is good, I have definitely had my fair share of bread bowls that I never really could finish. I’m talking ‘really heavy on the broccoli and some cheese, too’ soup. Delicious. Mom used to make one. It was wonderful, the soup was basically green. But she didn’t like making it and I didn’t appreciate it enough when I was a kid, apparently, because when I asked her for the recipe a few weeks ago she had no idea which recipe she used. I couldn’t believe it.

As disappointed as I was, I went to ole’ trusty, (Pinterest), and sought my own that had potential. I generally pick a winning recipe by the photo that comes with, hasn’t failed me once. Found this cream of broccoli soup recipe and took off running.

The recipe itself is wonderful, I’ve made it quite a few times. Kacey from The Cookie Writer really knew what she was doing. Since then, I have adapted it a little to our liking by changing up the cheese and adding more green options like collards and kale, and more.

I just made it again tonight. I didn’t take pictures; our house was built when overhead lighting was a luxury so we basically live in a cave once the sun goes down. I’ll try to get some good ones tomorrow and do a follow-up on this already great recipe.




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